Color Outside the Lines

was designed to inspire the imaginations of local fourth and fifth graders and show that creativity can be more than a hobby. It can be a lifelong pursuit.


Geography and Culture

In the initial meeting of Color Outside the Lines, students worked alongside BoomBox team members to learn basic concepts of cartography – the science and practice of drawing maps. This included a discussion about how to symbolize trees, mountains, bodies of water and other geographical features. Students used these fundamentals to create original maps of their countries, which were reflective of each child’s personality and interests. As Color Outside the Lines progresses, maps will be revised and re-imagined as students continue to create the story of their country.

At the following session, students and BoomBox staff discussed what elements make up a country’s culture. Team members had the opportunity to share several personal cultural experiences with the class. Some showed pictures of themselves touring countries as far away as Egypt, while others brought in unique cultural artifacts such as French and Arabic books, traditional Korean and Japanese clothing, and a Tibetan singing bowl. Using these as examples number of items that can help contribute to a country’s culture, students were challenged to consider a culture of their own.

At the next meeting of Color Outside the Lines, children will have the opportunity to begin designing their country’s very own language, food, music and style of dress.